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Everything DiSC®  is a psychometric personality assessment that measures an individual’s behavioural style. This research-validated model helps individuals to understand themselves and others to be able to build more effective working relationships that are built on an understanding of their different needs, priorities and communication styles. This increased understanding of yourself and others on a team results in saving time, increased energy and engagement, reduced conflict and improved performance.

HBDI or the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument is a psychometric assessment, or test, that shows how you prefer to think. Often referred to as the ‘Whole Brain Model’, it shows us which areas we prefer to think, and which areas we prefer not to think. It highlights the fact that each of us is different and, therefore, thinks in different ways. It does this by dividing the brain into four quadrants, analytical, practical, relational, and experimental. Each represented by a different colour. The premise being each of us prefers to think in one, or a combination of the quadrants. A conceptual representation of the model is below. By better understanding how we, and others, prefer to think we can make better decisions. This will help improve working relationships and empathy for others.


Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage because it is so powerful and so rare. A high-functioning team can achieve its potential, resulting in a healthier, more productive organisation. Additionally, improving teamwork is important beyond helping organisations become more effective. It also reduces the stress and dissatisfaction of people who work in organisations, resulting in a profound and positive impact on the lives of their friends and family members. 

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