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your life by your design

We're all about having fun with great people, leaning in and shining a light to live our best life!

Journey with us!



Dedicated to supporting individuals, teams and organisations to develop leadership potential, drive business growth and create lasting change.


Management consulting  to help you to plan and implement the right strategy to deliver sustainable growth.


Bespoke travel adventures. 

Let me take your hand and lead you into...

not just a trip away but a journey within.


Offering curated programs to meet your individual teams learning and organisational objectives.




Partnering to provide valuable individual, 360 feedback and insights with a positive development planning experience.

Kitchen and Garden

Home grown and home cooked - honoring cycles and season.


Learn to create delicious and aromatic foods direct from the my garden and local growers.

"Shaun has been amazing at coaching us to get clear on our vision and built really clear concept documents for our Restaurant and Bar. He is educating and supporting us through the various development stages of our project. I am so glad we had been recommended to work with Shaun. I can't image where we would be without him!

—  First time Restaurant & Bar, Owner —

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